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Well! How about that!? The E-Man decided to show his ugly mug again around these parts! Of course, I won't be here for as much as I used to. If you want to know why, I may as well owe you that much.

You remember that huge Zodiac collab I was doing with Invaderzimlovergirl, right? :iconinvaderzimlovergirl: Well, it as going very well when suddenly I failed to fulfill coloring a picture for each month. Even though I tried to finish up the pic I was supposed to do for September throughout October, I got my energy sapped by working on a new game with a friend I know in real life and building up a good reputation on the VG Resource (formally known as the Spriters Resource). In other words, I lost the will to continue this old Deviant Art account and left it to decay. Sure, it's sad, but I'm starting to move on with my life (I even moved on from some serious grudges I had in the past with the help of the people I meet on the VG Resource).

Of course, I think I still might come around here from time to time, but as of now, I don't know what to do to keep in touch with everyone. Even though I did encourage people to e-mail me and I also have Skype account, not everyone I know keeps in touch with me anymore and prefer to talk to me through this web site.

Any suggestions?


Umm... I rather not share my real name.
Hey, you can call me E-Man. Everyone does, so feel free. I tend to be a nice guy, but I will admit that I sometimes not do a good job of that and often get into fights due to that. Regardless, I'm not as dense or insensitive as most people claim I am. I do learn from my mistakes and I try to be the kind of person most people would like and respect. So far, I'm trying to be the bigger man, so let's see if that leads to a better online life with less arguments. Still, I would like it if you were to return the favor by acting nice to me, even if I unintentionally say something some people see as "rude."

Now, with that out of the way, my biggest assists are my ability to write (I usually respond with a novel's worth of words, so be wary) and my ability to draw well (even if it's not the best and I usually do collabs). I used to draw in a more sketchy style, but now I rid myself of outlines to achieve a style where smooth values create shape and form. My newest work would show you what I mean. Yes, I will admit that I have an inflation fetish and an animal costume obsession. For the former, though, I intend on doing that far less to prevent creeping too many people out. If you must have an inflation pic from me, I hope you don't mind that most of them would be displayed in private.

That's basically all you need to know about me. If you have any questions, please ask, but try to keep it respectful and civil.


E-Man276 has started a donation pool!
846 / 3,000
OK, since I would like to have a premium membership and want to participate in other DA user's commissions, I'm starting commissions right now.

Each commission (except for single 3-D models) will entitle you to two characters. Any additional characters (except for ones I throw in for kicks) will run you an additional 10 points :points: a pop.

I'm pretty much OK with anything you commission, but there might be some things I just won't do. For example, I won't do anything over the PG-13 rating. Plus, Fat Adult Baby and any other super weird fetish are out of the question. Also, I'm not a fan of drawing characters that are way to complex to draw!

These are what I do for points. Certain items, such as fan fictions and crafts, are normally not for sale. These are only the basic rates and are subject to increase depending on the commissioner's instructions. For example, a crude sketch of your character will run you 10 :points:, while a full comic page or sequence will cost you 15-20 :points:.

Crude sketch - 10-20 :points:
Inked sketch (or colored sketch)- 20-30 :points:
Inked and colored sketch - 30-50 :points: (Shading is no longer an option, but if you must have shading from me, then I must either be in the mood, or you have to give me 20 :points: extra! More than often I'll reject the offer.)
Flash comic - 15-40 :points:
Short Flash animation - 50-75 :points:
3-D character model - 50-100 :points:
3-D landscape - 50-110 :points:
3-D image or comic - 50-120 :points: (Any characters and scenes that I haven't modeled yet will be added to the total.)

Oh! And one thing! If you wish to establish the commission for real, you not only have to send me the details via PM, but you also have to pre-pay for it. It's not that I'm trying to sound mean or anything, but it'll give me less time to search for things and give me the motivation to complete the commission.

For anything else that is a bit more complex, such as a full-length Flash, PM me all the details and we'll discuss a price.

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