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April 5, 2011
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Phew! This took some time to complete, but I'm glad it's ready! OK, here's the scoop on this submission!

You see, Lenny :icond-warrior35: has this review show and features this adorable character named Shinko. She's super interesting, but the problem is that her animation is really limited (she changes poses at one frame per second). Thus, I decided to lend a hand animating her. Over the course of animating her, however, I learned a lot of things that I'll consider the next time I decide to animate in a non-spriting position.

1. I learned that I am slow at inking and coloring. In the future, I'll see if I can get someone else to do it.

2. Even if I'll just be penciling the animation, it's still a very tedious process because I have to do all the tweening myself without the aid of special tweening functions, which Flash isn't good at compared to other animation programs. Even though I like a program that allows me to do frame by frame animation, some better tweening functions wouldn't actually hurt.

3. In regards to my last statement, I should consider animating Shinko (and other characters) in another program, such as Anime Studio Pro or Maya. Not only will the tweening problem be settled, but I'll be able to make less mistakes in proportions (Shinko's arms are a good example of this blunder) and how characters actually move (Chaos' laughing and Shinko's Pikachu transformation are examples of this). Thus, I'll stick with those other programs until I find an animator who will help me in the tweening process and fix all my animation goofs.

Of course, despite some flaws and distractions (a few art trades, side projects, and YouTube videos are the blame), this came out pretty well. To me, the animation is really smooth and I used some techniques to become a more experienced animator. With this done, I am ready to work on the art trades and commisions I have yet to do!

Game Freak

~Shinko is a character owned by both Lenny and yaminaki31 :iconyaminaki31:~

*Created with Adobe Flash CS4*
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soo....did you animate and drew this all? c:

if yes, I have sooooooome ideas ;)
and it looks sooo goood c:
Yes, I animated the whole thing. It wasn't easy, but animation can be fun to do. If only I did t more often, though...

An idea, huh? What do you have in mind, son?
well, I have some ideas including my gals (as you can see here in my favourites as a project I am doing: [link]

aaand....inflation c:
belly, breasts, butt inflation that kind of stuff? :shrug: c:
Well... Maybe if you're lucky...
if I am lucky?
Well, I can't be doing anything too vulgar in my taste, can I?
I don't know...but you seemed to like inflation?
Yes, as long as it is relatively tame.
thelatiosmaster Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
the final is too lol!
nice work!
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